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Ross and Kendall Technologies (RKT) is owned by Jeff Ross and Grant Kendall and specializes in mobile simulation hardware and the associated software to create an effective and realistic training platform for all aviation, first responders, and military personnel. Our goal is safety by providing the right training to keep you focused on incident recognition, and tactical decision-making responses.


RKT has created the patented Mobile Aircraft Simulation Trainer (MAST), which is a portable, ground-based aviation training tool designed to provide hands-on experience in the response to emergencies aboard an aircraft. MAST is a high-fidelity simulator enabling better training and performance of personnel responsible for responding to an aircraft emergency, whether on general aviation aircraft or a commercial airliner.


RKT strives to be the gold standard of aviation stakeholder training.


- Leadership

We believe in leadership by example. It starts at the top, as today we build the leaders of tomorrow.

- Innovation

We believe in continuous improvement and offering better and safer training methodologies to those we serve.

- Humility

We believe in service with humility. We recognize that we have been given an amazing opportunity to provide our customers with real-world experience to better prepare them for potential disasters. We do not take this for granted, and therefore value the relationships we create with our customers.

- Integrity

We believe that honesty and transparency are paramount to building trust and holding ourselves accountable. We take ownership of our mistakes and plan accordingly to mitigate any in the future.

Let’s Work Together

Florida, USA


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