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Training and design features of the MAST includes:

  • Mobility – delivery and deployment to anywhere a tractor-trailer rig can access

  • Aircraft Simulation – patent-pending hydraulic technology allows the trainer to simulate varying phases of flight and emergency scenarios

  • Simulation Realism –The MAST is constructed and configured to the specific desired external and internal dimensions of a variety of transport category aircraft. It includes custom interior design effects such as the galley, lavatories, specific cabin-class seating, interior/exterior lighting, emergency exits, and much more.

  • Training Versatility – The MAST meets the real-world training demands such as crew and passenger emergency evacuation, incapacitated passengers, security threats, external entry training, and more.


Mobile Aircraft Simulations Trainer  (M.A.S.T.) 
RKT’s patented MAST brings an innovative and versatile mobile aircraft cabin trainer to first responders, emergency services providers, the military, cabin crews, and governmental agencies. The MAST is currently being developed and designed by first responders to meet both regulatory requirements, as well as the demand for real-world training in a safe, evaluative environment.

What makes MAST special? 

  • The price of trainers available in the market is extremely expensive. MAST lowers pricing to a more affordable rate and allows for a broader customer base. 

  • Space is often extremely limited for storing any trainer. MAST is mobile and can be stored out of the way or even off-site if needed. RKT has a flexible build platform allowing for “plug and play” capability. The MAST can be as simple as a repurposed fuselage attached to a low-boy trailer with no additional options. Conversely, it can be as complex as a fuselage attached to a hydraulic platform with various capabilities, including simulating a crash event, and any combination in between.

  • The MAST is equipped with a hydraulic system that moves in three different axes. This allows for simulation of all the following: take-off, landing, turbulence (from mild to extreme), and simulation of a crash event. These simulations can be individually selected or run as one fluid program from start to finish.

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