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Our Team.

Our Vision

To create a realistic aircraft experience for first responders, military, and aviation communities by providing a state-of-the-art, affordable training platform simulating ‘real-world’ aviation scenarios.

Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross brings 27 years of law enforcement experience, ranging from police cadet all the way up to sergeant. Through this time, he has fulfilled a wide range of duty assignments including SWAT, which has given him a broad spectrum of skill sets, including attention to detail, critical thinking, and strong leadership expertise. Through MAST, Ross strives to better prepare first responders, military, and cabin crews to do their jobs more safely and effectively in the face of real-life emergencies. He believes that “Strong, quality leadership skills are imperative to the success of any team, unit or organization.”

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Grant Kendall

Grant Kendall brings experience in law enforcement, aviation, and teaching, having worked in various police departments, for commercial airlines, and at justice academies. Kendall was highly inspired by his upbringing--his father and older brother were both pilots and his mother a teacher. It wasn’t until after the attacks on 9/11 that Kendall sought his career in law enforcement. Through his time in the department, Kendall put his passion for teaching to work as he led the Explorer Program for youth interested in law enforcement. He believes “Investing in the future today will better prepare us for tomorrow.”

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Bruce Fisher

Bruce Fisher, a Coast Guard veteran, is an experienced transportation safety and security expert with more than 30 years in the field of aviation and maritime planning and operations. Fisher served as a deputy director of airport operations, the Federal Aviation Administration’s airport planner for various states, and as an FAA senior pilot analyst and instructor. He is certified as a commercial pilot.


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Brian Hedgepath

Brian Hedgepath comes to Team RKT with a 25-year background in manufacturing with over ten of those in Quality Management.  His experience in Production, Product Development, Procurement, and Logistics has spanned his career giving him a broad skillset in the field.  Working as Quality Manager at a medical device manufacturer in North Carolina, Brian has written several Quality Management Systems at different manufacturers, including Ross and Kendall Technologies. Brian studied English at Belmont Abbey College and at Appalachian State University, where he received his M.A.

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